Friday, 24 February 2012

Four Main Targets in Self Defense

     Today, let’s continue with the theme of self defense. If the descriptions become a little harsh, please remember that these techniques are directed against someone who has no right to hurt you. You, in your good heart, have tried everything to reason with him, to talk him out of hurting you.
     You’ve even tried to escape but to no avail. He insists. And time is of the essence. You must decide. Remember, he has no right to physically hurt you!
     If you decide to defend yourself, you have to commit. You can’t perform these movements half-heartedly. You must put all your strength and resolve into every technique.
     For non-martial artists – in other words, people who don’t practise self defense on a regular basis - I recommend 4 main targets on an attacker’s body to strike in self defense. These are the head and face, the throat and neck, the groin, and the knees. Striking anywhere else becomes too complicated and requires various degrees of skill.
     So now that we’ve established the 4 main targets, here are some guidelines to render any technique directed against those areas more effective –

1.       All techniques must be direct and simple. They should come naturally to you and should require little if any practise.
2.      All techniques should be performed many times in combination with other techniques. An example – strike the head, then the groin, then back up to the head a few more times, then the groin, then the knees, then back to the head, etc.
3.      All techniques should be effective 360 degrees whether someone attacks you from the front, from the side or from the back, or whether you have your back against the wall or are lying on the floor with an attacker on top of you.
4.      All techniques can also be performed with any type of “everyday weapon” in your hand – your house keys or car keys, a pen… even a toothpick.
5.      All techniques are performed with the sole purpose of allowing you to escape.

     In future, as I describe these techniques to you, I recommend that you keep these rules in mind. They will make your ability to defend yourself all the more effective.

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