Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Fuel for Self Defense

     I have hundreds of posts in mind on the topic of self defense. Yet I can think of only one that speaks for and gives meaning to all the others posts – the fuel for self defense.

     Value yourself. That’s the fuel! Value your feelings, value your thoughts, value your body…those are the things abusers, for example, like to steal from you.

     I like to begin all my self defense classes with the following image: picture yourself in the centre of a group of increasingly larger circles. The circle at the center is you; the bigger circle beyond, is made up of people you totally love; and the circle beyond that probably contains most of your friends; and the circle beyond that your associates; and the circle beyond that, strangers.

     What I suggest next is to strengthen the center circle – take time for yourself, think without someone constantly ruling over you, strengthen your body, learn to enjoy who you are and who you can become. That’s personal empowerment.

     From the heart of your center circle, reach out to the people in the other circles - from a new position of strength! You have a voice, you have feelings. You are a person of value whether in the circle that makes up your family or in a circle further out that contains your co-workers. You give respect when respect is due; you demand respect from others whenever appropriate.

     Network with others. Create a lifelong community of people whom you respect and who, in turn, respect you.

     Now you have the fuel for self defense, what my first instructor called “samurai spirit”. If attacked, you’ll punch with an energy that surprises you, you’ll kick with a willingness that you might not have had before. You’ll fight back because you have something valuable to protect – YOU.

     I enjoy sharing this with you. It’s my passion. I plan to touch on some physical self defense in the next few posts. You’ll see how this fuel empowers specific self defense moves.

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