Tuesday, 21 February 2012

mission statement

     When I think of the martial arts, I think of EVERYTHING - health, fitness, self defense, stress management, problem solving, spiritual awakening...martial art training leaves no area of life untouched.

     Why? Because the martial arts have their origins in every area of life. I like to remind myself of the different masters who, over thousands of years, developed the martial arts. Among them were emperors, generals, nuns, monks, scholar-warriors, physicians, poets, rebels, tong fighters, merchants, peasants, philosophers,  mystics, bandits, defenders of the poor, bodyguards, warlords, Beijing opera stars, lei tai platform champions, assassins and heroes like “the Maiden of the Southern Forest” whose sword techniques we still practise to this day.  All of them developed their own area of expertise.

     I want to use that expertise to address modern issues. For example, I've recently been relying on breathing methods practised by the Samurai as far back as the 12th Century to help people who have either lost their jobs or faced severe workplace restructuring to empty themselves of stress and re-balance themselves as human beings. There is so much of that in the martial arts, skills that can literally improve our health and sense of well being.

     I plan to post a lot. So please visit as often as you like. There's a lot of information to share.

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