Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Targets in Self Defence - The Head

Use the claw hand to strike, rake, poke and grasp

Aggressive looking face with main targets
Photo Source -Microsoft Images
     As I promised a few days ago, this post concerns the first of the 4 main targets on an attacker’s body you would strike in self defense – the head.

     If the descriptions are a little harsh, please remember that you are defending against an attack by someone who has no right to hurt you!

     THE HAIR – especially useful in close quarter self defense. For maximum effect, grasp the hair, twist and then pull (with the entire force of your body behind the pulling action).

     THE TEMPLE – strike with the base of one palm or strike both temples with the base of both palms at the same time.

     THE EARS - strike with the base of one palm or both palms at the same time. If you cup both hands before your strike, you’ll damage the attacker’s eardrums.  If his ears are very close to you, bite. The pain may be severe enough to prevent him from attacking you further. The loss of blood can be rapid, sometimes enough to cause him to faint.

     THE EYES – with the fingers or thumbs of the claw hand, dig inward and then downward into the eyes

     THE NOSE –strike either upward from beneath the nose with the base of the palm or from the side. Just a light strike will bring tears to his eyes which might distract him enough for you to escape.

     THE LIPS – if his lips are close enough, bite. As in the case of the ears, blood loss can be rapid and, as a result, he may faint.

     I can show you many more targets on the head but striking these successfully would require a lot of practise.

     Fuel these strikes with an energy that comes from knowing that you are a person of value – and that no one has the right to take your mind and your body away from you, that no one has the right to silence your voice, that no one has the right to steal your future!

     Bearing this in mind, strike all the targets on the head repeatedly – eyes, hair, eyes, temples, nose, nose, eyes, hair, temples  - until you have a chance to escape.

     Please watch for the next in this series – the throat and the neck.



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