Thursday, 15 March 2012

Everyday Weapons of Self Defense

An example of an "everyday weapon"

I call this part of self defense training “everyday weapons”.

It’s based on the idea that any object within reach can be used to ward off or escape an attack.  

Historically, martial artists have relied on a huge variety of weapons – swords, spears, knives, etc., even a type of “flying guillotine” that, when thrown from a distance would cover an opponent’s head and decapitate him.

For martial artists, training in a weapon always extended beyond the weapon itself. There is the story of a young shepherd girl in China, an expert in the double edge sword, who used a stick to defeat a group of soldiers. The stick was a substitute for the real thing… but the tactics remained the same.

There is a game martial artists play. It’s all about awareness. They’ll walk into any space – a parking lot, a street, a restaurant - and immediately identify 4 or 5 items that can be used as a weapon. It’s a quiet little game that trains the eye and the mind. In time, the practise becomes second nature.

You can do the same. Around the home is a good place to start -

KITCHEN – what if you were attacked here? What could you pick up and use? …knives, forks, the end of the handle of a spoon, etc. (In Kung Fu, we always look for two weapons right away to provide us with an advantage).

LIVING ROOM – look around and you’ll quickly spot some weapons…the edge of a book;  the TV remote into his eye, throat or groin; a glass (either with the rim up under his nose – or – broken and used as a knife).

BATHROOM – everything…nail clippers, the bristle of a brush pushed into and then raked across the eyes, scissors, the bottom edge of a tube of toothpaste held firmly like a knife…

BEDROOM – a brooch from your jewellery box, the end of a brush handle, the heel of a shoe used as a knife, lipstick thrust into the eyes and throat…and so much more!

Let’s say you’re about to go out. Are you dressed for self defense? Are you wearing  or carrying anything that you can use during an attack? Now you’re on the street. Be aware. What can you find around you that you can defend yourself with if someone tries to drag you into his car?

The game continues…in a car, subway or on the bus; in the workplace or at school; at the shopping mall. The variety is endless yet the training is deeply beneficial.

You are a person of value moving through various spaces in your life. At the center, you’re calm and confident. And you’re aware of everything around you – not through fear but through confidence!

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