Friday, 30 March 2012

Massage for Stomach Pain

Breathe slowly and deeply as you massage

I used the following massage while on a fishing boat off Tobago. Everyone on board was feeling queasy. The waves slowly lifted and dropped the boat in long, languorous intervals…up…and down…up…and down. My stomach was lifting and dropping in perfect sync.

Some sea hands say that if you keep your eye focused on the horizon just beyond the prow, you won’t get seasick. Yet the queasiness makes you more sensitive: even the smell of the salt in the spray or the smallest whiff of petrol exhaust from the engines can set you off.

And I wasn’t about to wait for the inevitable!

I set my fishing rod aside. Placing my left palm on the back of my right hand, I pressed the palm of my right hand against the lower portion of my abdomen. Then I slowly drew my hands up the right side of my abdomen, breathing in all the while.

Then I drew my hands from right to left across the top of the abdomen just below the chest. I then drew my hands down the left side of the abdomen, exhaling all the while. When I reached the bottom of the abdomen, I drew my hands back to the middle where I had first started.

The massage is actually in the shape of one big circle around the abdomen. It should take about 10 seconds or so to make one round trip. In Chi Kung, we circle anywhere from 6 to 18 to 36 times in a clockwise direction followed by an equal number of repetitions in a counter-clockwise direction. Please don’t forget to inhale as the hands circle up and exhale as the hands circle down.

I like this massage because it calms the entire digestive system and balances the organs in the abdomen. From my experience in sharing this massage with others, I’ve found that it –

1.   calms hyper-acidity in the stomach and esophagus

2.  calms an upset stomach and helps to push the contents of the stomach down deep into the intestinal tract rather than up the esophagus

3.   encourages blood flow in and out of the stomach to help with digestion

4.  is great for cramps, especially menstrual cramps

5.  helps with constipation

6.  is good for a nervous stomach. It helps to eliminate the feeling of having “butterflies” in the stomach.

Try this massage and see if it works for you!

* If you experience constant and/or recurring abdominal pain, hyper-acidity, or nausea or if you have sudden, severe pain anywhere in the abdomen, please seek medical attention.

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