Friday, 16 March 2012

Pressure Points for Headaches




Over the years, I’ve had lots of great feedback from people about pressure points for headache relief. Particularly the 7 part massage of points I’d like to show you today.

I call it the GB15 series. It begins with a point at the front of the head and ends at the big toe. What is really good about this series is that it addresses different types of headaches…headaches that might appear as the result of stress…or from eye strain…or colds…or from fatigue. The list goes on.

The idea is to try all the points and see which one helps. A woman suffering from allergies found the first few points really helpful; someone else found that squeezing both sides of the toe stopped his headache. In other words, you can customize the series as needed!

Let’s start –

1.   GB15 – 4 finger widths from the top of both eyebrows on your forehead in line with the centre of both eyebrows. Massage slowly and gently, anywhere from 20 seconds and up.

2.   B1 – squeeze the bridge of the nose between your thumb and index finger then gently rub the area between the inner edge of both eyes and the nose. Squeeze – then rub – back and forth.

3.  TW17 – gently massage the hollow just beneath both earlobes with your middle fingers.

4.  L9 – with the thumb of the opposite hand, gently massage the crease of the wrist just below the thumb then do the same on the other hand.

5. ST36 – locate a depression 4 finger widths below both kneecaps and 1 finger width on the outside of both shin bones. Massage slowly and gently.

6.  LIV3 – a very famous point. Locate it by tracing three finger widths up from between the big toe and the toe beside it. You should find a depression there in between the bones. Massage straight down, slowly and gently.

7. SP1, SP 2, LIV 1 and LIV2 – you can affect all 4 points by massaging and squeezing the big toe on both feet.

One woman, who worked in an office, used some of these points at her workstation.  Someone else found headache relief by concentrating only on the points on the foot. Another woman ran through the entire series twice, massaging each area for about 30 seconds, until her headache went away.

Experiment to see what works for you. Let me know if you’d like some other suggestions for the relief of headaches…there are quite a few!

Please remember, reasons for headaches vary in each individual. Always check with a health care professional. NEVER rely solely on headache pills. There has to be a reason…please find out why!

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