Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sinus Massage

Gently rub the exposed parts of the thumbs together
She has the best smile - one that goes well with her wonderful personality! Her multi-coloured braces will ensure that she has TRIPLE the smile in the future. The pink arrow shows the upward path one thumb travels. The other thumb massages downward at the same time.

     What I appreciate about the sinus massage is its simplicity. Still, I can’t get over how something so basic can be so effective!

     I remember first trying this massage out on myself about 15 years ago. I was suffering from a particularly frustrating type of cold, the kind that keeps you up all night with a stuffy nose. The problem always comes down to: how is anyone supposed to get better if sleep is not an option?  You end up dragging yourself around the next day and then…little or no sleep for another night.

     I had learned this massage a few months before, during the summer. Finally, I decided to try it out on my cold. I was lying in bed with nothing else to do. I couldn’t breathe and I certainly couldn’t sleep. I massaged the sides of my nose and after a minute and a half, I was able to breathe out of one nostril, enough to let me fall asleep.

     Now I use it routinely whenever I suffer from a head cold or when I have sinus problems. I’ve also had some really positive feedback from people I’ve shown it to over the years.

     Today, I want to share this massage with you –

1.  As in the photo above, place your thumbs inside your fists. Gently rub the exposed backs of your thumbs back and forth against each other for about 45 seconds.

2.  Now rub the exposed backs of your thumbs very slowly up and down the sides of your nose. (As the left fist slides up along the left side of the nose, the right fist slides down the right side of the nose. In other words, as one fist goes up the other comes down and vice versa}. I usually suggest a massage lasting for about one and a half minutes at the most. You should find one of the nasal passages clearing at the end of that time. You should be able to get to sleep after that.

     Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to doing this in your bed. Use the sinus massage any time you have a stuffy nose. As long as you feel comfortable doing it where you happen to be at the moment.

     I look forward to sharing more of these techniques with you!



  1. This technique works wonders, I do it every time I have a cold and can't sleep. Much better than taking over the counter cold drugs, and no side effects. (Except for a good sleep)

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for the kind words! I plan to post a lot more material on sinus issues, congestion, headaches, allergy issues, etc. If there is anything specific that you're looking for, please let me know. There is plenty in the martial arts that can help. Thanks again!


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