Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Targets in Self Defense - Groin

Claw hand to groin

     The third target in the series 4 Targets in Self Defense involves probably the most basic target of all – the groin.

     A strike to the groin is what Kung Fu practitioners of the 7 Star Praying Mantis system refer to as “stealing the peach”.

     Peaches are the symbolic food offered to ancestors of a Kung Fu lineage. They’re placed in a bowl on an altar, near the incense beneath the pictures of the masters who have come before. Hitting the groin is the equivalent of an attack on that person’s family.  Those who passed down their genes made it possible for that person to procreate a future. So an attack to the groin is equivalent to stealing the fruit of the ancestors!

1.   Kicking the groin straight in with your foot: I think this is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind…kick him in the groin!
     (Actually, a 7-year-old-girl, a Yellow Belt in Karate, was forced to use this kick against an adult attacker on her way home from school. He dropped to his knees on the sidewalk).

     What most people aren’t aware of is that a kick upward from directly underneath the groin has a far more devastating effect. It crushes the testicles up against the body.

2.   The knee: using the knee is very effective in a close quarter situation. Hold onto the attacker for support. If you can, pull him into the kick. This will create something akin to a head on collision between the attacker’s groin and your knee.

3.    Lastly, the claw hand: the claw hand was the technique I suggested for targets on the head. Only now the claw is turned over, so that the fingers point to the floor. First, strike just above the groin with the base of the palm. Doing so breaks the bone that protects the bladder. Next, grip the groin, twist and pull upward and away…with the entire strength of your body behind the pull.

     The claw hand can be used in a variety of situations: your back may be against a wall; the attacker may be lying on top of you; he may be lifting you off the ground from the front. The claw hand is also useful against an attack from behind. Strike backward with the heel of the palm, grip and pull. Do this while you’re twisting away from the attacker.

     Too harsh? I'm reminded of the 7-year-old girl. What might have happened to her had she not responded in the way she did? Is your life any less valuable?

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