Friday, 9 March 2012

Targets in Self Defense - Knee

Side kick to the knee

     This is the fourth installment in the series 4 Targets in Self Defense.

     In much of Kung Fu, the legs are considered to be the attacker’s foundation. Attack the legs, it is said, and the foundation will crumble. The same holds true for practitioners of a martial art from Thailand – Muay Thai. Muay Thai fighters constantly practise aiming their kicks at the legs.

      The knee is the target of choice. All that is required to dislocate a kneecap is about 35 PSI pressure. That amount of force is easily attainable by a healthy woman or man. The self defense consequences are huge. Consider, please, a woman under attack from a man…once his knee is dislocated, that man may find it impossible to chase after an escaping woman!

     I recommend two main angles of attack against a knee –

1.  The first if through the “front door” (a term from kung Fu). The obvious meaning here is a kick to the knee directly from the front. Usually, in Kung Fu, a kick to the knee is hidden behind a series of other attacks directed to other parts of the body.

2.  The angle of preference, however, is through the “side door”, using either the tip of your shoe, or better yet, the entire side of your shoe. The Goju Ryu system of Karate employs a side kick which drives into the joint and then downward with a stomping action with the intent of driving the knee joint through the floor.

     Women of the Tan Tuey Kung Fu system practise kicking wooden poles. Their kicks become so efficient and strong, they’re able to break 5 or 6 large bricks set upright in a row – with one kick!

     I remember a documentary on the martial arts produced in the 1970’s. I especially remember a comment made by a male Black Belt in Karate who taught self defense to  women. I can’t recall his exact words but they went something like this: “If a woman breaks the knee of a man who attacks her then the next time he thinks of attacking another woman, the memory of the pain will make him stop.”

     Please allow me to make this point one more time – you are a person of value. Your mind and your body are important. Defend your right to life to the fullest extent!

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