Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Weapons of Self Defense - Elbow to the Rear

Turn and  strike with the elbow

This is the third post on the elbow as a weapon of self defense. We’ve seen how potent an elbow strike can be against an attack close in from the front as well as from the side.

I’d like to finish this particular series with a look at elbow strikes to the back.

Let’s start with a typical bear hug. The attacker encircles you with his arms from the back, squeezing hard. Your arms are pinned beneath his arms.

1.   Bend your knees slightly and drop your hips. You’re more likely to remain on your feet when he starts twisting you about if your knees and hips are in a position to turn left or right. Your legs are also more likely to absorb any type of shock.

2.  Stomp hard on his feet; kick back and up with your heels against his knees; if you can, kick back up into his groin with your heel; push back hard against him with your tailbone; snap the back of your head repeatedly against his face – or if he’s much taller than you – against his sternum; grab his groin and twist; force his arms up and away from you. Those are a lot of weapons coming at him. I like the idea of hitting him repeatedly with all those weapons until you’re free of his arms.

3.  Once you’re free of his arms, begin twisting backward from side to side striking his face and throat repeatedly. Couple your elbow strikes with repeated strikes to his groin using the little finger side of your fists.  I like that word repeatedly…it says a lot about your determination!

A backward strike to the groin

The second type of bear hug attack occurs when his arms encircle you under your arms. In this case, your arms are free from the start. Your elbows swing backward immediately in combination with the other strikes I listed above.

If I may, I’d like to write a post in the next few days about a type of equipment you can use at home to practise your self defense. This piece of equipment is especially practical for folks who may not be involved in the martial arts but are still interested in – and have the right to know – self defense.


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