Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Weapons of Self Defense - Elbow to the Side

An elbow strike to the side can be very effective!

Recently, someone asked me how an elbow strike to the side can have any real power. Especially if the attacker happens to be very close.

It’s true…there’s not much room to maneuver if you’re being choked or squeezed in a bear hug during an attack from the side.

One very powerful and time-tested solution comes from Chen style Tai Chi. The technique, shared by most of the Kung Fu systems, is referred to as Fa Jing. Don’t be fooled by lyricism of the English translation…reeling silk energy.  I like to think of Fa Jing as a sudden, explosive force that starts from deep inside the body. The trick is to be able to deliver this explosive force at a very close range, such as when someone is holding you.

In Chen Tai Chi, the least you can do with Fa Jing is to shrug the attacker off…very violently I might add. At the higher end of this technique, you can expect so see the attacker flying into the closest wall.

A more basic solution to a close-in attack from the side is an elbow strike (repeated…many times…like a machine gun).

Let’s imagine that an attacker has his arms around you from the side in a bear hug. And let’s say that the attack is coming from your right side.  If your arms are free, grasp your attacker with your left arm and strike his face or throat sideways with your right elbow…repeatedly, until he lets go of you.

If your arms are pinned down…stomp on his foot repeatedly, grasp or hit his groin…or BITE HIM! Once your arms are free, swing your elbow at his face or throat.

For extra strength, bend your knees, grasp him with your left hand, swing your entire body away from him and then swing your entire body with your elbow back – hard! – into his direction. Twisting your body back and forth will help you to shrug him off. Plus the action is somewhat similar to the type of Fa Jing discussed above.

In the next few days, I plan to post about a device that you can use at home to practise self defense. It’s fairly simple to use – and very effective! – so please watch for this post.

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