Friday, 20 April 2012

Allergies - Sinus Massage


ve done a lot of work with folks who suffer allergy symptoms at this time of the year. Sinus issues are at or near the top of their list of complaints. So I’ve compiled a few simple massages that you can perform on yourself – techniques that have been tested in the field and found useful.

1.  Gently massage your forehead and cheeks with small circles from the center of your nose going upwards.

2.  Find the V-shaped notch about 2cm away from your nose, on the underside of your eyebrow ridge. Then with both thumbs on either side apply firm pressure here for 10 seconds, release and repeat 3 times.

3.  Move outward about 1cm apart and apply and release pressure here three times.

4.  With the pads of your middle fingers, feel for bony indentations at the bottom, outer edges of your nose. Apply and release pressure here also.


5.  With the fourth and middle fingers, apply upward and outward pressure at the top of your nose, between your eyebrows.

6.  With these same fingers, apply pressure along the underside of the cheekbone.

7.  Gently massage, with small circles, along your jawbone from your ear to your chin. Relax your face by yawing, then repeat.

8.  Gently massage or apply pressure to the top of your head, especially right around the crown. You can recognize the pressure points by noting the especially tender spots; that's an indication that some attention is needed.

9.  Gently press or massage at the outer edge of each nostril at the same time. Breathe slowly and deeply while doing this.

10.  Curl both hands into fists and place your thumbs inside the fists. Rub the exposed backs of the thumbs together for 30 - 40 seconds to warm them up. Now gently rub up and down the sides of your nose with the back of the thumbs for 45 seconds. 

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you. I’ll soon write a post about draining the sinuses.

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