Sunday, 29 April 2012

Back Health- The Cross Hand Massage

Hands point in opposite directions

he cross hand back massage is one of those back rubs to die for!

Over the centuries, massage for health has become a by-product of martial artists who are super-sensitive to the human body. Traditional martial artists have a deep knowledge of anatomy – and they’re capable of using this knowledge either to defend themselves or to heal.

One of the most popular film (and television) series to come out of Japan was the legend of Zatoichi, the Blind Swordsman. Zatoichi was a traveling masseur, giving massages to farmers, samurai and yakuza. Blind though he was, his other senses were so highly developed he could tell the difference in the numbers between one roll of the dice and another. That’s how he made his real money.


The ability to listen to the other beneath his or her skin; the talent to deliver kindness through one’s hands in order to heal, to remove toxins, to remove fear or sadness…these are skills martial artists carry around with them, once they’ve gone beyond their own ego.

The cross hand back massage is one of those moments when the massage giver and the massage receiver join through touch to create a deep and prolonged sense of peace. Let’s take a look at how it works –

1.  Sit at your partner’s side.

2.  Place the palms of your hands on either side of the spine in the area of the mid-back. The right palm lies on the opposite side of the receiver's spine, fingers facing her neck; the left palm lies on the side of the spine nearest to you, fingers facing the lower back. The hands start in the same place, opposite each other. Please do not touch the spine.

3.  Slowly pull the hands apart, the right palm moving toward the lower back, the left palm moving toward the head.

The hands move in opposite directions

4.  Then slide the hands back to their original position, the right palm moving back up, the left palm moving back down.

5.  Continue doing this back and forth, much like waves of water moving back and forth. I guarantee that the sound of your hands alone will hypnotize both you and the receiver. The hands will actually sound like soft waves passing one another in the distance.

6.  Eventually switch hands, so that the left palm will touch on the far side of the spine, fingers pointing toward the lower back and the right palm will touch the side nearest you, fingers pointing toward the neck. Or you may just want to stay with the first position.

I suggest deep breathing when performing this massage: inhale as you slowly separate the hands, exhale as you very slowly bring them together again. The breathing should be profound and benign. Inhale with kindness and exhale with kindness.

Even to write about this massage conjures up its hypnotic rhythm in the mind!

Enjoy giving it – and receiving it. It’s a great one!

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