Friday, 27 April 2012

Headache Massage

Place your fingertips along both sides of an
       imaginary line going up the center of the head.


he martial arts have such an amazing connection with health. The more we train, the more we seem to learn about how the body works. The oldest of the martial arts systems have collected hundreds of years of information about where to strike on an attacker’s body…knowledge derived from experience. They’ve also discovered – long ago – that the same knowledge can be used to heal.

Here’s a simple technique for calming down headaches…using a series of pressure points along the skull. These points are also used as targets in self defense.

1.  Think of an imaginary line running up the centre of the head from front to back.
2.  Place your palms against your temples and your fingers on both sides of this imaginary line.  Do this just above the eyebrows.
3.  With your palms, gently press against your temples for 7 seconds.
4.  Now with your fingertips, rub gently on both sides of the dividing line for 30 seconds.  Keep your palms in place.
5.  Slide your hands one inch up your forehead and repeat - press 7 seconds, rub 30 seconds.
6.  Follow the imaginary line along the skull one inch at a time until you arrive at the top of your neck.
I recommend closing your eyes and breathing slowly and deeply as you massage. Please relax your facial muscles, especially around the mouth. Tension builds up during the day along the jaw line, the gums and teeth, the edges of the mouth, the eyes and forehead and around the temples. Relax these areas as you breathe.

You don't have to wait for a headache to come along in order to use this technique. It's a natural stress reliever and a way of balancing out the entire region of your head. If you do Yoga, you might fit this little massage into your routine. If you practise Karate or Taekwondo, this massage might be a good way to relax into your daily stretch routine...along with some long and slow deep breathing.

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