Wednesday, 18 April 2012

More Energy, Less Hungry

Bananas - high in carbs and vitamin B

hen I first started training in Kung Fu, we always went out to the restaurant after class. I asked one of my seniors why going out to eat after training had become such a ritual.

“To replenish the energy you’ve lost," he said. "Also to help restore and rebuild the body.”

I remember the type of food as well – lean and simple, with carbs and protein, and lots of veggies. Nothing of the rich foods you might find at Chinese banquets. After the meal was over, we could have trained for a few more hours if we had wanted to. It was a fighter’s meal, for someone on the move, for someone who couldn’t afford to be slowed down.

Chocolate milk - a superb carb and protein combo

Source: Montreal Gazette

It’s the same for people who are always on the go, whether at school or in the workplace. With only so much time to eat, you probably want foods that provide you with enough energy for the day without making you feel hungry.

The following are some foods I’d like to recommend -

Bananas - high in carbs and vitamin B.  They’re also great frozen.
Carrots - low calories and very filling with lots of vitamin A (excellent for eye health and for the immune system).

Cereal with skim milk - lots of fibre (low GI for blood sugar). Great with raisins for snacking.

Chocolate milk - A super carb and protein combo.  Keeps you hydrated served cold.  Contains calcium for bone health and B vitamins (especially for stressful days). Soy products can also be a good substitute for milk.
Cottage cheese - contains protein that you need for muscle repair.  Also calcium.  Great with fruit on top.

Dried apricots - vitamin A, fibre and potassium

Dried apricots - very chewy, they last longer as a snack.  A good combination of low fat/high carbs.  Also good for vitamin A, fibre and potassium.
Dried plum - no fat.  Contains fiber and potassium.  Potassium rich foods help lower high blood pressure.
Oatmeal - great way to lower cholesterol.  Really fills you up.  Also low GI.
Yogurt - high on calcium, protein and potassium.  The live cultures in yogurt will also boost your immune system.
Soybeans - Try them roasted! Protein-high, iron and B vitamins.  Very filling snack.
Granola bars/Energy bars - some of these are good.  Watch for those that contain large amounts of fat.  Low fat bars are preferable.
Fig bars - chewy with lots of carbs and fiber. Great on the run.

What are your favorite energy foods? Are there any foods high on your list for training? If you'd like, leave a comment about these foods for other readers.


  1. Personnally big on natural almonds... fatty oils, tons of energy, easily portable and a small amount does the trick.

  2. Hi Glen,

    Great suggestion. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Date balls have the same ingredients as Larabars, etc., but are much cheaper and easy to make! And you can add nuts, ground flax, dried fruits, or any other ingredients you like. Lots of runners swear by them.

    1. Hi Mieux,

      This is great. Thank you for your suggestions!

  4. My favourites: Apples with almond butter and Greek Yogurt which is high in protein and low in fat and tastes delicious.

    1. Hi Jane,

      Excellent suggestions. Thank you for commenting!


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