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Self Defense - Knee Kick

Pull the attacker into your kick

Source: krav maga worldwide

Martial arts practitioners learn to use almost every part of their body as a weapon.

There are stories about Miyagi Chojun, the founder of the Goju Ryu system of Karate, being able to puncture kerosene cans with his big toe. The phoenix eye fist, a favorite technique of White Eyebrow Kung Fu, strikes pressure points with the bent knuckle of the index finger.

Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Muay Thai and many other martial arts also rely on the knee as a weapon, particularly at close range. There can be a wide range of targets for the knee kick – the head, neck, elbow, solar plexus, liver, kidneys, spine, hip, thigh, side of knee…but the most common target is the groin.

Let’s choose a typical attack from close range, perhaps a bear hug or a choke from the front.

1.  Bend both legs and hold onto the attacker with both hands. Doing so helps maintain your balance.

2. Pull the attacker in toward you. This adds extra force to your kick – much like a head on collision between your knee and his groin.

3. For even more force, arch your lower back and hips into the kick.

4. Never stop with just one knee kick – follow with 3 or 4 more, enough to pry yourself away from him. I always recommend throwing all the weapons you have at your disposal at him – elbows, claw hands, the heel of your palm, your forehead, etc. Bite him if you need to. “Machine gun” every part of his face, throat, groin and knees.

Practise knee kicks in front of a floor length mirror. Pretend to reach out for an imaginary attacker. Pull him in with both hands while driving your knee up. Slap your hands across your thighs as your knee meets his imaginary groin.

In Jiu Jitsu, we pretend that attacks are coming at us from all directions. We’ll kick one way then spin 180 degrees and kick into another direction…and so on. It’s a form of “shadow boxing”, with the knees.

When “shadowing boxing”, intersperse your knee kicks with all the other weapons mentioned above – claws, elbows, other kicks. Along with developing the proper mindset for self defense, you’ll also have a great workout!

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