Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The 6 Healing Breaths - #5

The Black Tortoise


e saw the progression in the cycle of negative emotions through the first 5 breaths of this series.

In the morning, anger rises; in the afternoon, anger hardens into hatred; in the late afternoon, hatred begins to crumble into nervousness and anxiety; in the evening, nervousness and anxiety turn into sadness and depression.

Mind and body form a union. What happens to one has an effect on the other. Mental states have a profound effect on the health of the body. The 6 Healing Breaths method of Chi Kung intervenes…and helps to rebalance all the systems in the body. It’s famous for releasing the toxins that destroy one’s quality of life!

With the fifth breath, we move into the direction of North. We find ourselves in the nighttime of our daily cycle…and in the old age part of our life cycle. Everything is dark. Sadness and depression have turned into fear.

The sound associated with the fifth breath is shwaay. This breath connects with the kidneys and the bladder.

The shwaay breath draws the positive emotion of gentleness from the environment and literally empties the kidneys and bladder of fear.

Place the back of your hands on the area of the kidneys

Here’s how it’s done -

1.  Please turn into the direction of North. Your back should be straight but relaxed. Allow your tailbone to sink ever so slightly and then curve slightly forward. The shoulders should be relaxed and the chin pointed slightly downward in order to align the back of the neck with the rest of the spine. Your top of your head should feel as though its suspended from the ceiling by a string. The hips should feel open, so that they can act as a conduit between your torso and your legs.

2.  Place the back of your hands on the area of your kidneys.

3.  Circle your hands out in front of you. Please bend your knees and lean forward. Lightly place the inside of your wrists and your palms around the front of your knees. Very slowly, breathe out making the sound shwaay. Mix sound and breath so that every part of the sound passes out of the mouth smoothly like silk. Bent forward, it feels as though the breath is coming directly out of the kidneys!

Wrists and palms touch the knees

4.  Once both breath and sound have reached their end, open out your arms and inhale once again. Repeat the cycle. Exhale and make the sound shwaay every time your wrists and hands touch your knees.

5.  Remain in your spot facing North. Repeat this breath cycle either in groups of 3, 6, 12, 18, 36…and so on, even up to 108 times if you wish! (Most people perform about 6 to 12 repetitions).

The following are some additional points to consider -

DIRECTION – North. Night has arrived. 

ELEMENT – the Chinese 5 Element Theory, the interaction of the elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water which is central to all types of traditional medicine such as acupuncture as well as feng shui, philosophy, military strategy, martial arts, etc. The element of the shwaay breath is water.

YIN ORGAN – the kidneys. The kidneys are associated with the water element. The sounds shwaay massages the kidneys.

YANG ORGAN – the bladder. Also associated with water.  The sound shwaay massages the bladder.

POSITIVE EMOTION – gentleness.


COLOUR – black.

TIME – night, winter.

ENERGY – a conserving state of energy.

ANIMAL – black tortoise.

The shwaay breath helps with the following systems – reproductive system; urinary system; produces blood in the bone marrow.

I’ll post the last of the 6 Breaths next week. Please watch for it!

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