Saturday, 5 May 2012

Eddie Izzard - How To Choose A Martial Art

ere’s a clip of martial arts humour featuring the famous comedian, Eddie Izzard. Izzard’s stand up style reminds me a little of good martial arts – his timing is impeccable; he can pull ideas together and layer them one on top of the other; he pulls you along to where he wants to go.

And he’s fearless.

Comedy sometimes is a battle to bring the audience onside. If no one is laughing, it must be the most crushing feeling to stand there alone on the stage. Imagine yourself with five minutes left in a routine that is going absolutely nowhere!

At one time in his career, Izzard raised the bar on comedic courage. He went to France to perform stand-up…in French…to audiences in a country that at the time had little or no tradition in stand-up comedy. He succeeded.


  1. haha would you recommend that pencil technique?!

  2. Hi Mieux,

    Yes I would. It's one of my favourite techniques!


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