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Foot Massage

The massage with corresponding numbers

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hen I started using martial arts training to help people with sore feet, I was surprised. I didn’t think people who sat at a desk all day could have the same kind of foot problems as people who worked on their feet.

I was wrong. One of the main reasons for sore feet from sitting – or standing – for long periods of time was “blood pooling”. Whether sitting or standing, muscles that hold a single position for a long time become tight. Circulation slows down. Tired blood “pools” inside the muscles. The result – pain and fatigue.

The muscles of the calves – the gastrocnemius and the soleus – are prone to blood pooling. Further, tight calf muscles tend to pull on the Achilles tendon which, in turn, tightens the plantar fascia, the connective tissue beneath the sole of the foot.

The feet become hot, tired and sore. Sometimes too, they swell up.

Flying kicks - the entire body has to land back on the feet


Martial artists are continually stretching their calf muscles. Like track athletes and ballet dancers, they’re careful about anything that compromises balance and the ability to move with precision and speed. And like track athletes and ballet dancers, they also massage their feet.

The following is a very basic foot massage that you can do for yourself…or for someone else.

1.  Press the pad of the big toe

2.  Massage the big toe several times from base to tip then pull gently from base to tip.  Do the same for the other toes.  Also - bend the toes up and down and stretch them gently away from the foot.

3.  Massage below the base of the toes across the foot.

Healthy feet are important for balance


4.  Massage in the valley between the two pads of the ball of the foot.

5.  Massage the length of the foot on both sides of the centre at the same time.

6.  Massage from the centre of the foot out to both sides along the length of the foot.

7.  Gently pinch along the edges of the foot.


8.  Gently squeeze the heel and hold.  Your fingers should be in between the sole and the heel.

9.    Press along the bottom of the foot with your fist. 

10.  Very gently and lightly, slap the bottom of the foot with the fingers.

11.  On top of the foot - massage along the valley between the bones of the big toe and the toe beside it.

12.  Along the bottom and top of the foot - grasp your heel and pull the foot straight while massaging the foot from the heel out to the toes. 

Take as much time as you want doing this massage. It feels great – and it’s very healthy!



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