Monday, 14 May 2012

Pre-Workout Nutrition


n one of my earlier posts on nutrition, I mentioned how important it was to my Kung Fu teacher that we go out to eat after the class. He was always concerned about restoring energy and rebuilding the muscles we had used.

I value his insights. Because I teach so much –and train just as much – I have to be careful about what kind of foods I take in. It sure makes a difference to the workout if I eat “empty” foods or select foods that are full of energy.

The right kind of light snack before a workout can make a huge contribution to the quality and duration of that workout.

Here are some suggestions you might try -

1 cup chocolate milk + peanut butter sandwich (51g. carbs)

1 banana + 175 g. fruit yogurt (58g. carbs)

1 bran muffin + 1 cup apple juice (53g. carbs)

Fresh fruit (15-25g. carbs per fruit)

1 cup split pea soup + 4 soda crackers (40g. carbs)

1 cup brown rice + 1/2 cup lentils (69g. carbs)

10 dried apricots + 1 cup orange juice (46 g. carbs)

1 grapefruit + 175 g. fruit yogurt (51 g. carbs)

2 cups popcorn + 1 cup apple juice (44g. carbs)

1 sweet potato + 1 cup skim milk (42 g. carbs)

Why eat a pre-workout snack? Pre-workout carbohydrates feed the brain and maintain blood glucose levels. Carbs also fuel muscles by topping off glycogen stores that enhance endurance
Meal Times - Wait approximately 4-6 hrs after a large meal before exercising; 2-3 hrs. after a small meal; 1-2 hrs. after a large snack; 20-60 min. after a small snack

Pre-workout calorie targets  - recommendation for 1 hr. of exercise is .5 g, of carbohydrate per pound of body weight; 4 hrs. of exercise is 2g. carb per pound of body weight.  Example - a 150 lb. person would require 75-300 g. of carbs or 300-1,200 calories for a 1 hr. to 4 hr. exercise spread.

I welcome any suggestions that you might have on this topic. The more we share our insights and experiences, the better for our training!

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