Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Self Defense - Back Against a Wall #2

Claw to the face. The left hand stays lightly on the attacker's skin, poised to attack.

obility is the key when defending with your back against a wall.  I suggest moving constantly, even the slightest bit. In fact, as he attacks…change your position…if he begins holding onto you…continue to change your position. Try not to freeze. Be like water, running along a wall: difficult to catch, difficult to hold, always changing.

Some other suggestions that I raised in my earlier post on the topic -

1.  Place one leg ahead of the other to create depth in your defense

2.  Always shift to one side of the angle of the attack

3.  Make use of the wall as a weapon

4.  Come away from the wall as soon as possible

Knee to the face.

Of course, defending quickly – and overwhelmingly – also helps. I prefer a kind of speed that isn’t based on a heavy, hammer blow type of biceps and triceps action. I know a lot of people who are quite good at delivering 100% stiff-in-the-face power very quickly, the knockout blow that settles the conflict.

In a case where I find myself trapped against a wall, I prefer a light kind of power that’s propelled by a “sparks from a fire” type of speed. I find this type of speed/power partnership to be more adaptable to the rapidly changing angles of a self defense situation.  That’s just me.

(For the “sparks from a fire” type of speed and mentality, please investigate the techniques of 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu).

Allow me to conclude this topic with a few attack and response examples –

1.  The attacker grabs you with both hands by the lapel and pushes you up against the wall – instantly sting his ears/temples with a light double slap with both palms change to two thumbs to the eyes change to a series of right left cross elbow strikes change to 2 or 3 knee kicks to the groin change to a palm heel strike under the nose change to repeated claw attacks (vertically and horizontally) change to 2 or 3 additional knee kicks to the groin change to repeated slaps to the ears/temples change to twisting his head sideways into the wall…

Time frame? – 5 to 8 seconds at the most. The all-or-nothing type of blow doesn’t allow me to mount that kind of response. I’m slow to begin with, so a short-muscled blow, or one heavy throw, or one heavy arm lock doesn’t work that well for me!

The wall as a weapon

2.  He pushes you up against the wall with his left hand and tries to slap you with his right hand (in women's self defense - a typical dominating male response to a woman who says that she’s leaving him) – raise your left arm as a block while shifting to your right away from the slap change to eye rakes and claws to the face with the left hand change to a series of eagle claw attacks to his throat as you shift back to your left change to biting his carotid artery (if it presents itself) or his jugular change to slapping the ears/temples combined with thumbs into the eyes as you shift back across to your right change to some knee kicks to the groin change to tearing out his hair…

Maybe he’ll learn his lesson. A woman is a free agent in a free society who decides – for herself – where and with whom she lives. And she has the right to change her decision at any time.

You probably have an idea now of the “sparks from a fire” approach. Juxtapose any type of attack with your defense – front chokes, front headlock, etc. – and the dynamics remain the same…light, rapid and overwhelming strikes coupled with the urgency of a fire!

You’ll see this style of “defensive aggressiveness” explored further in some of my other future posts!

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