Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Self Defense - Rear Bear Hug

Twist from side to side striking with your elbows

 bear hug is one of the most common close in attacks in self defense situations. This type of attack can come from any angle – front, side or back. The attack is meant to accomplish 2 things – to squeeze you and hold you until you are ready to comply with his wishes or as a primary hold before he pushes you to the ground or drags you off.

The bear hug is usually used to startle and overwhelm you, especially if he lifts you up off the floor. It’s also meant to hurt you.

“Look how strong I am!” That’s the physical language that he wants you to obey. “You better listen to me!”

Since he has no right to do this to you (in most jurisdictions, the bear hug is a form of criminal assault), you have a right to respond, quickly…and with enough force to escape.

Twist across from the other side

There are 2 types of bear hug attacks – over the arm and under the arm. Let’s look at some techniques  against both of them  -

ELBOW STRIKES - these are very powerful strikes that can be used if and when your arms are free. To add strength and speed, twist your body into the direction of the strike. Never stop with one strike…twist repeatedly from side to side. Doing this also has the effect of helping you twist out of his grasp.

HEAD BUTT – whether he has your arms pinned or not, you can still use this technique. Snap your head backward – repeatedly – into his face. Combine this with your elbow strikes.

Claw to groin...grasp, twist and pull.

TAILBONE STRIKE – snap backward into his groin with your tailbone. Combine this with elbow strikes and head butts.

CLAW TO FACE – in between elbow strikes, twisting, head butts, tailbone strikes…twist and claw his face across your opposite shoulder. Twist from side to side using this technique. Or you can claw backward over the shoulder on the same side as your hand.

CLAW TO FACE – claw backward to his groin, grasp and twist…repeatedly. Combine this with your other techniques.

Pinch the inside of the leg

PINCH HIS LEG – grasp the inside of his leg (in and around the femoral artery). Pinch and twist hard.

2 KICKS – snap the heel of your foot back and up into his groin or against his knees and/or scrape your heel down the front of his shin and stamp hard on the instep of his foot repeatedly.

Please do what is necessary to escape. You never know what his intentions are beyond a initial bear hug attack!

In future posts, I’ll discuss self defense against bear hugs from the front and from the side.

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