Friday, 8 June 2012

The 6 Healing Breaths - #6

We prepare for a new dawn


he shii breath is the final breath in the series 6 Healing Breaths.

We find ourselves back to where we began the cycle, facing into the direction of East. Night is slipping away and the first hint of morning colours the sky. What we have accomplished in the first cycle – releasing negative emotions, strengthening positive emotions, balancing our entire physical and emotional system – will provide us with renewed energy and confidence as we move into a new day!

In breath #5, we released fear and brought out gentleness. Real strength and confidence allow us to be relaxed and gentle, to care for others, to walk ahead calmly and undisturbed.

Now we carry that gentleness back into breath #1, the beginning of the next cycle, where it’s transformed into kindness.

Breath #6 is the membrane between breath #5 and #1. It has no colour, no animal associated with and it isn’t associated with any particular organs. The main job of this breath is to reinforce all the breaths that have come before and prepare for the next cycle.

In doing that, the energy that has circulated freely throughout the body is taken back to the dantien (an area just below the navel) where it is stored for the next cycle.

Circle your hands out to the sides

Here’s how this breath is done –

1.  Face into the direction of East. Feet should be comfortably positioned about shoulder width apart. (You can also perform this breath while sitting in a chair). Your back should be straight but relaxed. Allow your tailbone to sink ever so slightly and then curve slightly forward. The shoulders should be relaxed and the chin pointed slightly downward in order to align the back of the neck with the rest of the spine. Your top of your head should feel as though its suspended from the ceiling by a string. The hips should feel open, so that they can act as a conduit between your torso and your legs.

2.  Circle your hands slowly out to the sides and up in front. Inhale slowly while doing this.

Hands end in front with the palms facing down

3.  Bring your hands down in front of your torso. Your fingers point toward each other. Palms face the ground. As you reach this point of the posture, exhale very slowly through lightly clenched teeth, making the sound shii. Exhale slowly until you have no breath left then begin to circle your hands out to both sides, inhaling slowly once again.

You’ll find the rest of the breaths in the cycle under Health on the blog. Please let me know what you think. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section.

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