Monday, 4 June 2012

Arthritis in the Hands

Wrap your thumbs and fingers around each other

his post is devoted to pain in the hand due to arthritis. Generally speaking though, the technique can be used for any type of pain, numbness or stiffness in the hand due to any number of reasons.

Please refer also to the post of March 2, 2012 entitled the Thumb-Finger Massage which continues to be an excellent way to address any type of hand pain, arthritic or otherwise.

The technique comes from Chi Kung and is especially useful for people who find it painful to massage one hand with the other…or even to press an acupoint without raising pain in the thumb or finger doing the pressing.

I think you might also find the results of this technique a little unusual, especially when you try it for the first time!

It’s quite simple –

1.  Very gently place the fingers of your right hand inside the thumb and fingers of your left hand. The thumb of your left hand now finds itself wrapped inside the thumb and fingers of your right hand.

Lay both hands comfortably on your lap so that the thumb sides of your hands are facing up. Looking down at your hands, it might seem to you that your hands are wrapped around each other like the layers of a Swiss roll.

Please don’t squeeze too hard. All contact should be gentle.

2.  Without deep breathing the results will probably be good enough but once you add some deep breathing to this technique, the results will be significant.

Place your tongue against the upper palate of your mouth, just behind the teeth. Inhale slowly through the nose and exhale very slowly through the mouth. Relax into this cycle of breathing. You can close your eyes if you wish.


3.  What happens next? Wait 1 or 2 minutes and you begin to feel a mild sensation of warmth permeating your hands. In another minute or so, what started as out as warmth becomes a flood of healing. Warmth turns into heat, and this heat flows into every part of the hands, deep into the bones themselves.

It’s uncanny how any stiffness or pain disappears: the flood of heat fills every gap where pain could have been hiding.

The strategy behind this technique is similar to the famous “standing post” position. In the basic standing post, the arms are held out in front of the chest as though you’re holding a big beach ball. The palms are turned in.

The position nurtures and builds up the body’s energy. The warmth you feel in the enclosed hands technique is the same you feel flowing through the entire body when doing the standing post.

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from this hand technique in the past. Please let me know how it works for you!

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