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Massage your abdomen slowly in a circle

 would have had to have addressed this topic anyway…someday…so the sooner the better.


That one word pretty well says everything.

Seriously, aside from being troublesome, or potentially dangerous (especially in children), diarrhea is a condition martial artists often have to deal with in a time of war. One of my students from long ago barely made it out of a war zone. Only with the help of fellow soldiers did he manage to survive.

In the world of the “war arts” avoiding - or fixing - this condition is crucial.

The following are some techniques I might suggest for mild forms of diarrhea

1.  If you have any doubts about your condition, get medical help.  With children, especially infants, don’t risk it . Seek immediate medical attention. Begin a gradual process of fluids intake, a little at a time. Stay hydrated!

 2.  Gently place a cold pack against your lower spine from mid-back down into the lumbar region.

3.  Place one hand over the other on the lower right side of your abdomen.  Slowly slide your palm up the right side and cross at the top of the abdomen.  Continue sliding your palm down the left side and cross back to the right at the bottom of your abdomen.  Slowly continue to circle your abdomen in this way using comfortable pressure.  Inhale slowly as you slide up one side, exhale slowly as you slide down the other side.  After a while, reverse the circle by sliding your hand up the left side, crossing over the top of the abdomen, etc.

In the middle of the neck just below the ridge of the skull

4.  Press into the hollow of the neck just below the ridge of the skull.  Count to 5.  Release.  Breathe slowly.  Do this until the tenderness goes away.

5.  Press your fists against either side of your lower back for several minutes.  Slide your fists a little lower.  Press again.  Breathe slowly.

6.  If you can’t reach your upper back, ask someone to massage around your neck and shoulders (not the spine please).  You’ll calm some nerves that are connected with your abdomen.

Probe the valley between the bones

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7.  With your fingers, probe in the valley between the bones of the big toe and the toe beside it on top of your foot.  Find any tender spots and massage them out.  Points in the foot and leg can trigger a calming effect.


8.  Some other points -
   a.  4 inches up from the navel and 2 inches out to both sides.

   b.  1 inch to either side of your navel.

   c.  Press gently with all your fingers into the area around the navel.  Breathe slowly and deeply.

   d.  The web between the 2nd and 3rd toes.

   e.  Massage the arch on the inner side of the foot.

   f.   On both legs, 4 finger widths below the knee cap and one finger width outside the shin bone.  (You should feel a muscle move when you wiggle your foot).

There are also herbal remedies that you can use. If I may, I’d like to present these as a separate blog.

Again, diarrhea can turn serious very quickly – especially if you’re already weakened by illness. Please don’t hesitate seeing a doctor!

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