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Facial Massage

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or a blog that has presented some fairly hard core self defense techniques (clawing the eyes; ripping the groin; and the like), 3 of the most popular posts so far have been – Digestion and Fatigue, Sleep Technique and Foot Massage!

I did start this blog off by stating that the techniques of martial arts can be applicable to all aspects of daily living.

So today, let’s look at a very basic facial massage.

As I mentioned in Wednesday's post, a martial artist has to be balanced. The hands that defend  should also be used to heal – and deeply relax – others. In fact the energy that bounces an attacker into a wall 10 feet away is the same energy that enters the face through the fingertips in the most benign manner to soothe and heal both mind and body.

There is no paradox. The skill is the same. It’s the intention that differs.

Here is the massage -

1.  Slowly slide one hand up the centre of the throat to the chin.  Just before you take your hand away from your chin, begin the same movement up the centre of the throat with the other hand, and so on.  Leaving one hand in touch while the other begins again at the bottom of the throat leads to a hypnotic, wave-like sensation, great for stress relief.  Do the same on the left side of the throat.  After a while, shift to the right side of the throat.

2.  With your right thumb just under the ridge of your jaw and your right index finger just above the same jaw line, gently pull from the chin to the end of the right side of the jaw line.  Do the same with the left thumb and index finger along the left line of the jaw - just before you come away with the right hand.  Remember - don’t finish with one side until have started the other side.  You want to maintain that wave-like effect.

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3.  With the left index finger at the left outer edge of the mouth and the right index finger on the right outer edge of the mouth, rub in small circles with both fingers.

4.  Slide the right hand slowly up the left cheek.  Just before you lift your right hand, repeat the same movement with the left hand.  Wave after wave.  After a while, switch to the right cheek.

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5.  Rub in small circles up along both sides of your nose from bottom to top using one or two fingers.  Do both sides of the nose at the same time.

6.  Slowly slide the pad of the index or middle finger around the outside of the eye.  Start near the nose, between the top of the eye and the eyebrow.  Slowly slide the finger toward the outside edge of the eye, circle down and back around to the nose, then back up to your starting point.  Massage both eyes at the same time.  After a while, reverse your direction.  Close your eyes while doing this.

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7. With your thumb at the bottom of the ridge of your eyebrow and your index finger on the top of the ridge of the eyebrow, pull gently from the nose to the outer edge of the eyebrow.  Just before reaching the outer edge,  start at the other eyebrow with the other hand.  Back and forth in a wave-like action.

8. With one or two fingers, gently rub in circles just below the outside edges of both eyebrows at the same time.

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9. Slide the fingertips of one hand up the centre of the forehead, followed by the other hand, wave after wave.   After a while, switch to the left side of the forehead, then the right side.

10.  Now for the total experience ! -  Slide the left hand from the right side of the throat up over the jaw line towards the left cheek.  Pass in between the eye and the ear to the hairline.  Just before stopping there, start sliding the right hand up the left side of the throat across the right side of the jaw line.  Just like the other  side, slide up the cheek and in between the eye and the ear up to the hairline.  Breathe slowly and deeply throughout your massage.

You can do this massage for someone else.  Let your partner lie down and relax.  Sit behind the top of the head. Slowly begin the routine, starting with #1.  Remember to be in contact with the face at all times, either with the left or with the right hand.  This anchoring hand reassures and comforts your partner.  Use a skin cream if you wish.
Time allotted for this massage? - anywhere from 15 minutes onward.  An hour or more, and this massage becomes a truly powerful, deeply relaxing experience.  Breathe slowly and deeply as you massage your partner.

Why do this? It's a deeply satisfying stress release...excellent for worry, anxiety, fatigue, tired eyes, nasal congestion, sinus problems, headaches, facial pain, tired skin, poor circulation, etc.

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