Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hair Grab Defense - Part 2

The smiling attacker and defender are back!

uesday’s post concerning self defense techniques against a hair grab received a lot of interest, so much that I want to continue the series with today’s post.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, press down on the attacker’s hand as soon as your hair is grabbed. Why? Doing so instantly removes some of the pain and helps to reduce some of the shock, especially if he’s grabbed you by surprise. By pressing down hard you gain some control over the attack. This can buy you the precious seconds to mount a counterattack.

Today, let’s discuss some techniques against hair grabs from the rear.

An attack from the back can be savage. Once he’s taken hold of your hair, he can snap your head back so hard he can literally injure your neck. By pulling you backward, he can keep you off balance until he has you fully under his control. Your response has to be quick – and overwhelming.

My advice is to –

1.  Press down hard on his hand. Just for a second, go with him…into the direction of the pull. This will further ease the pressure on your scalp. It will also help you regain your balance and get within striking range.

2.  If he hasn’t mounted a severe enough attack and you still have your balance, snap backward and up into his knee or groin with the heel of your foot. Do this repeatedly.

One of many techniques - the hammer fist

3.  Add further strikes to the mix – hammer fist strikes to the groin with the little finger side of the fist; claw strikes; stomping kicks on the instep of his feet using your heels; elbow strikes to his face. Be relentless in your counterattack.

4.  Once his grip loosens, twist sideways out of his grasp and mount an all-out attack against the 4 main targets in self defense – the head, throat, groin and knees. If you’re a woman being attacked by a man, I recommend a barrage of 20 to 40 strikes…within no less than 10 to 15 seconds. Do what you must in order to escape!

On the reverse side,  if you ever have to defend yourself by grabbing an attacker’s hair, use the following method…grab a fistful of his hair, tighten your grip, twist it violently in the direction of your little finger and then snap the fistful of hair away from the scalp.

If you were a woman trained in Kung Fu and your fist was trained in the old way, you would punch back hard against his head (still with a firm grasp on his hair), snap back out again, punch back into his head, twist, snap out, punch, twist, snap out.

By this time an ordinary, untrained attacker will probably begin to lose consciousness.

As I wrote in Tuesday’s post, I don’t care about men who attack women, their fantasies and why they get up in the morning. I’m interested only in the woman’s survival!


  1. Hi Snow Tiger! Do you have any recommendations for people in the Toronto area who are looking to study self defence specifically? Are there any courses, or particular instructors?

  2. Hi Mieux,

    There are a number of good teachers in the Toronto area who teach courses in self defense. Some questions -

    1. Where in the Toronto area?

    2. A one time workshop or a series of classes?

    3. Is the person female or male?

    Your interest has sparked an idea for Sunday's post. I'm going to discuss the pros and cons of self defense workshops compared to regular martial arts classes.

  3. Well, those are all questions for the person who asked me (except I know she's female)! Looking forward to Sunday's post!

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