Thursday, 21 June 2012

Self Defense - Rear Strangle

A really big smile from the attacker!

he rear strangle is a dangerous attack – for the obvious reason that you can be choked into unconsciousness or that your neck, during the heat of the attack, can be broken. Therefore, you must act quickly.

In martial arts, we constantly train against this type of attack. Judo and Jiu Jitsu practitioners find it natural to use a hip or a shoulder throw from this angle. However, those techniques require repeated practise with a partner. Leverage, balance, weight bearing, etc. are all essential ingredients in these types of techniques.

Without the proper experience, only luck will see you through when using these throws against a real attacker!

As you know, I began writing the self defense portion of this blog highlighting the simplest techniques. Slowly, I’ve started introducing basic techniques that depend on some practise. Today, I’ll look at a combination of both.

Drop your chin immediately

1.  As soon as the attacker begins his attack, drop your chin as fast a possible, pushing it down into his arm. Bite his arm if you can! At the same time, grab his arm and pull. Try to prevent him from securing a strong choke hold.

2.  Strike repeatedly at the 4 main targets I mentioned before – the head, throat, groin and knees. As well, stomp on his insteps with your feet.

Twist sideways out of his grasp

3.  Twist sideways out of his grasp. Pull his arm – or keep striking and kicking!

Circle around and force his arm downward

4.  Here’s where you might require a bit more experience. Circle around his arm and push downward on the back of his arm.

Finish with a knee kick or strike to the head

5.  Finish with repeated knee kicks or multiple strikes to the head. (Strikes to the back of the head and the neck can be lethal).

Your counter-attacks must be relentless. No one has the right to attack you with a potentially lethal hold. Fight hard to get away!

The following is another step-by-step scenario that can give you some idea about defending yourself against a strangle from the rear -

Strike repeatedly while twisting away

1.  Grasp his arm and twist to the side as you did before, striking his groin repeatedly with the other hand. Multiple strikes using a claw hand followed by grasping, twisting and pulling his groin are also effective.

As his grip loosens, force one of your arms through

2.  As his grip loosens, force one of your arms in between his arms, creating an opening.

Pulll him down toward the ground
3.  This next part also requires some practise. Twist sideways out of his grasp. Circle around so that you have a hold of his wrist while pressing down on his arm with your other hand. Pull him down toward the ground. Stomp on his head with your foot. Now make your escape!

Often, self defense techniques do not play out in a step-by-step manner. The attacker might switch to another mode of attack; you might not be able to free yourself on the first attempt; you may miss the target – or worse – hitting him appears to have no affect; you might slip or fall off balance…and find yourself on the ground.

Real self defense is the ability to adapt to any change in the flow of fighting – and that requires practise and experience. And with practise and experience comes confidence!

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