Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tan Tui - Springy Leg

his is an exquisite clip of Tan Tui, a very famous Kung Fu form (and also a system of Kung Fu in itself). It’s very close to the version I learned.

Loosely translated, Tan Tui means “springy leg”. The form was one of the first 10 forms traditionally taught at the Ching Mo Athletic Association in Shanghai. You might remember this famous school because of its founder Hu Yuen Chia (Fok Yuen Gap) who was featured in such movies as Bruce Lee’s Chinese Connection (first called Fist of Fury) and Jet Li’s Fearless.

I love the sheer beauty and the precision of this performance. Those of you who are involved in traditional martial arts will appreciate its significance and the doors that it opens!

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