Friday, 20 July 2012

A Cure For Hangovers

GV 24 & ST 3

Original source:

he first time I took martial arts health techniques out into a non-martial arts environment, a gentleman approached me on a Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. and asked: “What have you got for a hangover?”

He was serious.

I had been used to throbbing headaches from blows to the head; red and sore eyes from the sweat running down the forehead; nausea from too many push ups in the heat...

But not this!

So I marshaled my forces - headache massage, eye massage, pressure points - and helped him through his crisis.

To be truthful, alcohol is not an unknown substance in the martial arts. Beyond Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master, there is a long list of famous masters who imbibed, often quite a lot. Many of these masters tended to live life large.

I’ve collected a few techniques for you if you ever happen to run afoul of the demon drink. Seriously though, if you find yourself having to resort to these techniques too often, you do have a problem - and those who care for you have a problem as well.

If so, find the courage to admit it…and find the courage to seek help. The first thing that you have to understand is that you’re never alone.


Original source:

 GV 24 - Between the eyebrows. Clears and calms the mind. Good for headaches.

ST 3 - Just under the bottom of the cheekbone in line with the middle of the eye. Good for the eyes.

B 2 - Where the bridge of the nose and the eyebrows connect. Good for headaches, congestion and eye problems.

Under her hair - GV 16 (top), GB 20 (middle) & B 10 (bottom)

Original source:

GV 16 - in the hollow at the centre of the neck below the base of the skull. Good for headaches and congestion.

GB 20 - just down from the base of the skull. You’ll find a hollow on each side of the neck between the muscles. Good for headaches, eyes and dizziness.

B 10 - Appx. ½ inch down from the base of the skull and about ½ inch out to both sides of the spine. Good for headaches and eye problems.

Liv 3

Original source:

Liv 3 - On the instep of both feet, in between the bones of the big toe and the toe beside it. Good for headaches and eye problems.

Li 4

Original source:

Li 4 - In the middle of the protrusion of the muscle of the index finger in the web between the index finger and the thumb. A major headache point.


Please run through each point for about 1 to 2 minutes. Probe gently, press and, if you wish, massage in small circles. With each point, close your eyes and slowly inhale through the nose and exhale very slowly through the mouth.

You can combine GV 24 and GV 16, by pressing - or massaging - each with one hand at the same time. You can also apply ice to each of these points, again at the same time.

These points should do for now. There are a lot more techniques available. The best cure?  Drink in moderation.

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