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An important acupoint for constipation - CV6


everal weeks ago, I posted an article that could have been called somewhat indiscreet - diarrhea.  Nobody blinked. In fact the article was well received.

So much for my oversensitive nature!

At the time, it was suggested to me that I write a post about diarrhea’s exact opposite - constipation.

With your permission, I’d like to do that now.

The reasons for constipation can be many and varied. My post has to do with mild and/or occasional constipation; persistent constipation should be looked at medically. It might be the result of an underlying medical condition.

Just before I start, I’d like to broach the subject of laxatives. In North America alone, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent annually on prescription and non-prescription laxatives. The trouble with laxatives is -

1.  They don’t address some of the root causes of constipation - diet, tension, lack of exercise, etc.

2.  They won’t address any underlying medical conditions (stroke; colorectal problems, etc.)

3.  Now here's a real paradox - the overuse of laxatives can lead to constipation.

Excellent for constipation - Li 11



1.  Stress and tension in the abdomen…the kind where anxiety is held in and turns into a hard ball.

2.  Lack of fibre in your daily diet

3.  A diet high in fats

4.  Too much dairy products

5.  The side effects of some medications

6.  Dehydration - or, basically speaking, insufficient fluids in your diet

7.  Medical reasons…from irritable bowel syndrome to a colorectal blockage

Aside from relying on herbs and diet, martial artists handle constipation through massage and pressure points.

Twice before, I’ve mentioned an overall abdominal massage which to me is priceless. It’s the one where you place your hands one on top of the other on the lower abdomen…then slowly draw the combined hands in a circle up one side of the abdomen, across the top and down the other side.

Massage one way 3, 6, 12 or 18, etc. times - very slowly, inhaling as you slide your hands up, exhaling as you slide your hands down.

Then perform the same number of circles coming up from the other direction.


There’s also a very popular acupoint for constipation. CV 6. It’s located appx. 1 ½ thumb widths straight down from the centre of the navel. For the fullest effect, lie down, then gently massage in small circles around that area. As you feel the tension give way, probe a little deeper, massaging in circles outwards and away from the point.

A wider massage from the navel out will influence points K16 and SP15 somewhat, 2 more acupoints that help with constipation. K 16 is appx. 1 inch to the both sides of the navel; SP 15 is appx. 3 inches to the side of the navel. They can also be pressed and massaged directly.

2 more points that are used for constipation are St 36, located appx. 4 finger widths below the kneecap on the outside of the leg and Li11, at the lateral end of the elbow crease.

Hopefully, these ideas will help anyone who is experiencing some form of constipation. Please remember, if constipation does become persistent, see your doctor.

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