Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sifu Paul Chan

Grandmaster Paul Chan


randmaster Paul Chan, founder of the Hong Luck Kung Fu Club in Toronto, Canada has passed away.

A pioneer of Canadian martial arts, Chan Sifu will be deeply missed. He leaves behind a deep and rich legacy of very real and very traditional Kung Fu. Through his teachings, Chan Sifu changed a lot of lives for the better and did much to help promote cross-cultural understanding in this country.

I extend my deepest sympathy to Chan Sifu’s family and to his many students.


  1. I'm really sorry to hear this. My sympathies to his family and all of his students.

  2. Hi Mieux,

    Thank you for your comment. Everyone in the Canadian martial arts community is saddened by his passing.

  3. He inspired me to overcome many challenges including to learn to actually speak Mandarin (York University) while in the East Asian studies program and later on to study Operatic and Vocal Studies at the University of Toronto (breathing techniques). I was fortunate to share Dian Sin (Dim Sum) with him just before his passing. I will never forget those original early years at the Hong Luk Club on Dundas in the late sixties and early seventies before going on later with his graduate xueshengmen, the Liang Lung (Twin Dragons). May his memory be for a blessing along with condolences to his whole Jia (Family) who loved him dearly.
    Cantor Stephen Chaiet and Family

    1. Thank you, Stephen. Chan Sifu affected so many lives in such a positive way. He was a true mentor in the full sense of the word.

    2. Here we are exactly one year later April 17th, I was just surfing the net and came back to this site - how time flies ... may everyone at Hong Luk go from strength to strength in good health. A belated Xin Nian Quai Le and Gong Hei Fat Choy 新年快乐 to everyone. Shenti Hao wo de pengyoumen. Steve (Ren Tao 耶稣)


      作为师傅,你看着冠以保证我们的安全,给了我们的工具将在正直的男人。As Sifu, you watched over the kwoon to keep us safe and gave us the tools to be upright men..

    3. Honouring Sifu Paul Chan's memory again this April 2018. How quickly 2 years have gone. Praying and remembering Al Leong for recovery and good health. A belated Gong Hei Fat Choy 2018 and Xin Nian Quai Le to all friends, family and students. May Sifu Paul Chan's memory continue to bless all who cherished his presence.
      新年快樂 恭禧發財 Ren Tao Jia

    4. Honouring Sifu Paul Chan ... another year has passed quickly:

      In Memoriam: Grandmaster Paul Chan (1932-2012)

      Grandmaster Paul Chan, who passed away on July 5, 2012 in Toronto, was locally and internationally celebrated for his long service and respected leadership in the local Chinese community, for his renowned role in the world of Chinese martial arts, and for his significant contribution to the improvement of mutual respect and understanding in Canadian society..... continue at link ....

      新年快樂 恭禧發財 Ren Tao (Steve)


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