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GB 17, St 6, GB 2, Si 19 & TW 21

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oothache. One word that says it all.

Bone-grinding, nerve-jarring pain. Wherever you turn, whatever you try, it’s still there, clinging to your jaw.

Let me be up front: I can't show you how to cure a toothache. The only cure is a medical one.

But some of these points can alleviate the misery until you have a chance to see a dentist. And if you’re stuck in a cabin in the woods on a long weekend, these points may turn out to be worth the price of gold.

First, though, a note of caution regarding any type of dental or jaw pain – please have it attended to as soon as possible. Infections can spread, sometimes quickly. If not contained, a minor infection can, on the rare occasion, become a major medical problem.

The following are some of the most common acupressure/massage points dealing with tooth or jaw pain. You can press these points or massage them in small circles. You can also combine these points, pressing or massaging more than one point at the same time.

Some of these points will directly address the pain, others may not.


ST 6 – between the upper and lower jaw. It’s on the masseteric muscle, the one that swells when you clench your back teeth.

TW 17 – behind the ear lobe, in the depression between the mastoid process and the mandible

Si 19 – in front of the ear (in between the tragus and the mandibular joint) in a depression formed when the mouth is opened

GB 2 – ½ inch below S1 19

TW 21 – ½ inch above Si 19

GB 17 – ½ thumb width above the frontal hairline

Li 4



Li 4 – between the thumb and index finger, in the protuberance on the muscle in the middle of the second metacarpal bone. Caution: Not for pregnant women

Li 6 – 3 thumb widths up from the back of the wrist crease


You can press or massage Si 19, GB  2, St 6 and TW 21 together

Another suggestion – rub these points with ice (no more than 12 minutes every hour please)

Caution – the use of cloves. Cloves can cause burns, allergic reactions and in some cases, large amounts of cloves can be lethal.

I hope these suggestions help. The main strategy is to be able to bear the pain until you get a chance to see a dentist!

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