Wednesday, 20 March 2013

7 Year Old Blogger

Aden receiving his Yellow Belt

i, my name is Aden and I'm 7. Sensei Walther and Sensei Gary have been showing me for almost a whole year now how to be strong by being proud of myself. They teach me Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and even some Kung Fu.

I used to be really shy to talk in class at school but not now. Now I never stop talking (but my mom says I should give other people a chance),but I'm just making up for lost time. With my Dad's job, we move lots and I used to be scared about starting new. Now I walk with my chin up so high I smell the clouds and I'm not scared about being new anymore.

My martial arts have given me the power to stand up to bullies too by being a strong boy, so I use my power to stand up for other kids too. Then I tell them to come join so they can be so strong like me.  I also like that my Dad, my big brother Alex and me all go together. I'm always gonna be doing this stuff for a long time no matter what, ‘cause Sensei Walther told me "to never give up", and I won't.


  1. As Aden's Mom I can't begin to say what martial arts has done for him. He has totally come out of his shell in such positive ways. From standing up for himself just by using words as well as standing up for other children, to speaking up and singing!! I love seeing how happy and proud my son is to get ready to go to karate. I never have to fight for him to get ready to go!!

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  3. The power of Sensei's teaching will never cease to amaze me. What a moving post. Thank you for sharing.


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