Monday, 7 July 2014

Guest Blog - Confidence in Children

n important part of our work as martial arts instructors involves helping children of all ages build self-confidence. In fact, it may be the most crucial part of our teaching.

If we can help the next generation develop into strong, confident people who are comfortable enough with their own strengths to actually hear and take notice of the voices of others, we may go a long way toward making the world a more caring and empathetic place.

I’d like to share this this brief text along with an image from an e-mail sent to me today by Sensei Noel Hubert, Chief instructor of Close Quarter Martial Arts in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada...

I gave the poster above to one of my students who was having issues with bullies in school.  His mother printed it out for him and he put it up in his locker.  Along with skills he was training with and some coaching on aspects with communicating,  he would look at this picture and it helped confirm the inner strength he had in order to deal with his problems. 

Sensei Hubert can be reached at


  1. What a powerful message. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you. Care, empathy, kindness and gentleness - built on a foundation of confidence and strength. Gifts to the younger generation from the martial arts world.


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