Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Women and Laughter

 understand that there are some people in the world who don’t like to see - or hear -  women laughing in public.

Usually, these things start out as simple musings, then they become suggestions, and then, they turn into commands. And these commands are always backed up by violence – always.

I like to hear the girls and women I teach laugh, loud and hard. I find women’s laughter to be powerful.

Now that  these people have made their thoughts known, I  will make sure that I allot one minute of every class for the girls and women to practise their laughter. Don’t worry – I’ll make sure the windows are open for all to hear. 

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  1. Yes…it is interesting isn't it? That so many gazes have zeroed into Arinc’s opposition to laughter... But don’t you think, where he goes on to describe..’ heads which are lowered and eyes which are turned away’ be where we really need to invest our time… I mean, laughter, gendered or genderless, is an excess to which anyone can be privy… whether it is permitted or private or in public...whether it gets you beaten or fined or thrown in jail. It doesn't need to be taught. It just ruptures out. Eye contact however.... Acquiring that, being able to sustain that and applying that in gendered spaces and situations …now that’s rare… and ALL about power.. I’m not saying don’t spend 60 seconds in sustained laughter…just then take 120 seconds to train an ‘eye contact’ stance which is at least as solid as a front punch. That might just change the world... for women and men alike :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah! A very powerful comment. I'm absolutely in agreement with you, in fact, when I train children - girls and boys - some of the first skills we work on are eye contact, voice and posture. I do the same for women who have been abused, as a starting point to winning back both their indentity and their space. Please share more with write well and your insights can be of help to a lot of people!


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