Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Foot Massage Follow Up

Source: www.chinaperformancegroup.com

here must be a lot of sore feet in the world.

Or perhaps there’s another reason a lot of readers have been looking at Foot Massage    recently. Could it be the pleasure of giving – or receiving – a foot massage?

You won’t necessarily have to climb the two hours up Croagh Patrick on an Irish pilgrimage in order to earn such a reward. You may just be, as they say in the old movies, a “swell” person. Someone with a degree in smiling.

Today, I’d like to follow up on that first post by converting some rough and tumble martial arts techniques into tools of kindness. I’ll even name the approximate sources of each method.

As usual, I suggest that your partner lies down and relaxes. No texting. No TV. Just be relaxed and comfortable.

Source: www.kungfulibrary.com

 1.  The tool – your fingertips.
     The method – lightly tap the bottom of the entire foot.
     Amount of pressure – like soft, wispy rain
     Area – all over the foot, randomly, falling into a steady rhythm

PS – if you and your partner would like to enjoy a romantic evening together, gently tap the portion of the sole just below the heel

Martial Arts sources –

Karate – all claw techniques, from the Kata Tensho to the Kata Wankan
Hsing I – the splitting fist; the tiger
Hung Gar – the claw
Choy Li Fut – the claw
5 Animals – the tiger
…and so on

Source: www.wudanglongmen.com

2.  The tool – the flats of your fingers
     The method – lightly tap the bottom of the entire foot.
     Amount of pressure – feathery soft, like playing tag with a baby
     Area – all over the foot, randomly, falling into a steady rhythm

Martial Arts sources –

Ba Gua – all palm strikes
Hsing I – the splitting fist
Tai Chi – brush knee step
Tan Tuey – the palms from section 8
Jiu Jitsu – osoto gari ( when pressing the chin back with the palm)
…and lots more

Source: isshin-concentration.blogspot.com

3.  The tool – the fist
     The method – lightly press your fist into the sole of the foot
     Additional method – twist your fist clockwise and counter- clockwise
     Amount of pressure – gentle, benign
     Area – the sole of the foot at its heart

Martial Arts sources –

Shotokan Karate – your basic punch
Isshinryu Karate – your vertical fist
Hsing I – the crushing fist
…and lots more

Source: www.dojorat.com

4.  The tool – your forearm, all sides
     The method – lightly roll up and down, side to side
     Amount of pressure – sticky and relaxed, like Tai Chi’s push hands
     Area – all over the foot, especially the centre of the sole

Martial Arts sources –

Tai Chi – like your push hands. Try to use all energies. Initiate the massage  from you centre
I Chuan – the same soft roll as Tai Chi’s, “test” the foot with every inch of your arm       
Aikido – instead of redirecting, press your ki into the foot 

Those of you who train in Iaido or Kendo, you will have developed your forearms from thousands of cuts. Now, let your forearm relax into the foot, the way you and your sword relax into each other. However, please do not use this technique with the same intensity shown by Zatoichi, the blind Samurai, whenever he massages a Yakuza in one of his movies!

Sources: karatewadoperonne.e-monsite.com

Still other tools you can use – Karate’s fore knuckle strike hiraken which In Choy Li Fut is referred to as the Leopard Fist; one knuckle punch which in the southern Kung Fu systems is referred to as the Phoenix Eye fist, where the knuckle of the index finger protrudes. The same technique is called “chicken pecking rice” in Hsing I. Karate prefers to use the knuckle of the middle finger.

Points to remember -

While massaging, hold your partner’s foot in your other hand.  Wrapped up like this, your partner feels as though she or he is in a safe harbour. There is a nurturing element to this as well.

Again, don’t push too hard. Pressure may travel up along the shin to under the kneecap, and perhaps further up into the hip.

Hands that can break a concrete block with one punch = hands that can heal, and cause pleasure. Same techniques, same sources. That’s the wide scope of the martial arts world.

Another example of a foot massage, using pressure points. If you can't see this video clip, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7NWr_Mcx3A


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