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Face Reading

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uring times of conflict, everyone involved wants to have an edge over his or her adversary.

People negotiating – from a truce between warring factions to a merger between two corporations – would dearly love to know in advance what the other side is truly thinking.

“How much are they prepared to cede over to us?”
“Do they have an ulterior motive?”
“Are they pretending, or are they actually weaker than they look?”

Battle strategists, for example, have pondered these types of questions for millennia. Which leads us to the Samurai.

One of the major reasons  the Samurai studied the deep, meditative practises of Zen Buddhism was to learn to “read” an opponent through and through, from the way he walked to the thoughts inside his head. Intelligence gathering at such a profound level could mean the difference between winning and losing a match, especially between two combatants of equal physical skill.

Chinese warriors developed similar skills through Taoism and Buddhism. In fact, “reading” another human being is a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Read your own face in the mirror, for example, and you may look into the past, present and possibly the future of your own health.

In this post, I’d like to briefly concentrate on the health practise of reading a face. Of course, as a martial artist, scanning the map of another’s face can tell you in a sense exactly where the person is weakest, and therefore, which acupoint or organ you should hit. As usual…the martial arts…fighting and healing!

Here is an introductory reading of just one aspect of the face – overall skin tone. These qualities may or may not apply to faces of various natural skin colours  –

1.  If a face displays a high degree of reddishness, this may be a sign of heart problems, and especially, of high blood pressure

2.  If there are signs of increased darkening (no matter what your natural skin tone), this may be a sign of a weak kidney

3.  If the face has turned slightly green, it may be a sign of a weakened liver

4.  A hue that has turned yellowish, may tell you that the spleen and stomach, which are coordinate organs, should be checked

5.  Skin that has grown paler (again, with any natural skin colour), may signal a problem with the lungs

Facial Coordinates

Upper forehead – Kidney
Middle forehead – gall bladder and bladder
Lower Forehead – gall bladder, liver and stomach

Eyebrows – liver and kidneys
Eyes – liver
Below the eyes – stomach, kidney and liver

Upper cheek – heart
Lower cheek - lungs

Nose – heart
Between the nose and upper lip – spleen and liver
Upper lip – stomach and reproductive organs
Lower lip – intestines

Chin – kidney and bladder
Ears -  kidneys

Qualities to Look For

Forehead – a thinning of the skin, the pallor of the skin, amount of moisture in the skin, the springiness of the skin, a pulling of the skin toward one particular area such as an eye, the bridge of the nose, etc, the appearance of blemishes and the colour of these blemishes, lines such as between the eyebrows which may signal  lowered lymphatic and immune systems

Eyebrows– are they folding down? are the inner ends “knotting” up? are the outer ends curving down listlessly? What about the colour – have they reddened? (which may signal problems with the nervous system)

Eyes – swollen, sunken, sparkling, listless. Darkness around the eyes may signal kidney problems

Nose – compressed may mean heart problems, reddishness may also imply problems with the bladder

Cheeks -  a hollowing may be a sign of low lung function; slightly swollen, may imply overactive lungs. Watch for a change in colour, the springiness of the skin, etc. 

There are other forms of face reading –

          1.  Facial construction based on the 5 Element Theory – wood, fire, earth,           metal  and water. We’ll address these in a different post.

          2.  A history of your past, present age, and your future

          3.  Signs of old injuries and hardships. Though they originate deep within, they’re carried by the face

The Face of the Other

The key to reading another person’s face is not to project yourself all over the map. Shut your emotions down. Never prejudge. Simply – and calmly – let the information in. Then only do you assess the information.

I have met people who can tell you what you’re all about the moment you enter the door – your health, your character, and your fighting ability. In fact, I have been taught by an instructor who can stand to one side with his back turned chatting with a group of friends – while totally aware of what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and what you will do with the skills you’re in the midst of practising.

STAY TUNED FOR THESE FUTURE POSTS – Ego = Power loss; Teaching Your Child #2; The Knife – Metal Becomes Water; Negative Energy  and, finally, the inevitable…MMA “versus” Traditional!

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