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osebleeds can be common enough, especially living and working in environments that are dry, such as a house or an apartment in winter.

Given that martial artists often train for contact or semi-contact, accidental nosebleeds do occur. In old school sparring, a nosebleed, according to traditional instructors, was a sign that your blocks weren’t working. Rather learn from a bleeding nose in the safety of a Kwoon or Dojo than fail while in the arena of real combat.

Really, going back in time, martial arts fighters had to have a sound knowledge of how to stop bleeding. They often fought with weapons, and stopping, or reducing, the flow of blood escaping from the body increased the chances for survival.

In a way, the traditional fighter embodied an a military  unit all rolled up into one – recon, supply chain, cook (often on anything the environment offered), armed and unarmed specialist…and, of course, medic.

Let’s have a quick look at some basic pressure point remedies of a simple nosebleed in addition to the usual ice packs, and squeezing of the nose –

1.  Gently press of rub both GV  26 (2/3 rds of the way up from the top of the lip to the nose) and GV 16 (in the hollow beneath the bottom of the skull) at the same time. Time – a minute or two.

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2.   Gently press or rub St 3 (at the bottom of both cheekbones directly in line with both eyes). Hold for a minute or two.


3.   Gently grasp and alternately press LI 4 on one hand, then the other (in the protrusion of the muscle on the radial side of the 2nd metacarpal bone on both hands). Time – one minute each hand.

Of course, I end with my usual note of caution. Repeated bleeding of the nose – and I caution on the word repeated – may arise from a wide variety of issues, some not so benign. If you do experience episodes of nose bleeding that are becoming a pattern of concern, please seek the help of a health care professional.

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