Sunday, 8 February 2015

Martial Art of the Week

ince this site is dedicated to the concept of Mo Lum Yat Gar (loosely translated as…Martial Arts One Family), I’ve decided to embed a video or photo once a week in the sidebar to honour and highlight the many types of traditional martial disciplines that exist in the world.

Though we are indeed one family, we have many branches, and if I do highlight a video belonging to one branch of any given art, it will not be at the expense of other lineages or branches within that particular art. My purpose is to let readers become aware of that art in general. Hopefully, readers will conduct  more extensive and refined research into the art, and all branches and lineages will benefit as a result.

I’ll start off with a martial art very close to my heart –My Jong Law Horn. The video comes from YouTube and represents a sampling of a demonstration from 1972.

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