Here’s the story…

explaining the book

A Look At What’s Inside

This video explains what topics “Tales From the Western Generation” will explore. It also provides a sneak peek at some of the interview guests and the unique images they provided for the project.

Extensive Interviews with Pioneering Karateka

These individuals provide unique insight into the old ways of karate, the tournament scene in America, and the growth of karate through it's golden years.

…and many more!

This is just a small sampling of the diverse group of interview guests that provide unique insight into the masters of Okinawa and Japan as well as the development of their respective styles.

  • "Chitose Tsuyoshi could generate a great amount of power for his size. He had total body control and had developed vibration ability (not to be confused with hip snap) It seems he could move his internal organs to increase his power while his outside body moved hardly at all."