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I'm a Powerful Woman

I’m A Powerful Woman

Power.  Bam!  I’ve got it.  What about You?

You might question my strength and fortitude, but I’m here to tell you that I’ve got the power.  I’ve got what everyone on this planet wants and that is to be a powerhouse in life.  I have the control.  I have the steering wheel.  I can maneuver in any direction I want.  I can make my moment casual or relevant.  I can make my day mindful or productive.  The choice is mine and I will forever use it to my benefit. I am a powerful woman.

It is easy to see power in a person through the practice of a martial art. Martial artists have inherent strength and insight.  Physical practice increases their power in seconds. With a kick or punch or turn in momentum, they have what it takes to defend, break a bone, or survive.  With a self-assured approach, they step up each and every time to seek success.  The key to that kind of power is resilience and patience.  They realize that not everything they do will bring success, but rather that some things will and some things will not.  To understand that is to yield power; the power of the mind and of the will.

Physical power is easy to define.  You can see a difference in your body, over time.  Muscles become sculpted.  Body fat is diminished.  If you put in the effort, you will appreciate the results.  It is not easy to find the time or the motivation, but if you do, you can be promised a change for the better.  When you start to get stronger, you realize something.  The mind persuaded you to follow through.  You got up and applied yourself when you were tired or sore or lacked inspiration.  That is flexing and strengthening your mental muscles. A powerful woman can do all this and more.

Do I deserve the honor of being labeled a powerful woman?

Yes, I do.  As a female martial artist, I’m part of a small percentage of women who practice and teach.  I’m part of a smaller group who stuck with it for more than 25 years.  I’m part of even a smaller group who started a small program with my family, and an even smaller group who writes and has been published about martial arts topics.

I’m not bragging.  This is a lot of hard work.  Nothing has been handed to me and I worked for every single part of it.  Putting in the time and the effort yields results; but not just any results.  Powerful results. I’ve entered a male dominated area and infiltrated it from every direction.  While to me that seems very natural and normal, to most others, it seems like a hearty dose of power.

Power is in your hands, too.  If you have a dream or a goal, there is only one way to get there.  The main step is simply “to try.” Sure, you might fail. In fact, you probably will at some point.  Each failure becomes a positive because it thrusts you forward, teaches you what not to do, and steers you in the right direction.

I was afraid to try, too, on many occasions.  It’s a natural response to something with which you are uncomfortable.  I didn’t want others to know that I was going out on a limb. I wasn’t sure if I would hold up or crack under the pressure. I have tried many things during my life including numerous ways to make more money, get in shape, eat better, be a better person, learn more, and improve, and in every category I’ve failed miserably at one time or another.

It doesn’t matter how many failures I have because all I need is one success amongst all the failures for powerful results.

Powerful results have to be sought out and recognized.  If you replace positive thoughts with negative thoughts then you will miss your opportunity.  If, instead, you actively seek out your dreams and goals, at some point you will reap a reward.  This thoughtful acceptance and acknowledgement of your efforts is a strong black-belt approach.

I implement powerful patience.  No one achieves a black belt in a day, even a week or month, maybe not even a year.  If you want results in your life, be patient.  Maybe it will take a year or more.  It will be worth it.  That is why you must strive to be consistent with your goals and your vision.  Most success needs breeding. Ideas must come together in a myriad of ways until the right combination adheres.  You can start a project today and achieve immediate success and that is really wonderful; chances are, however, that you will need some time to formulate the right mix of ingredients.

Powerful decisions play a big role, too.  Decision making is not as difficult as you think. Simply ask yourself, “does this feel right?”  When making a decision, realize what is important to you.  Make a list of pro’s and con’s. Study and weigh each factor.  Does this decision have more pro’s than con’s? Does it fit with your goals? Does it make sense based on your lifestyle? Does it allow you to continue your current responsibilities?  Answer each of these questions honestly and your decision will come to light.

I’ve made many decisions in my life, some better than others. I’ve learned how important it is to apply this criteria.  I also learned that if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  Not being very positive in my younger years was not a good decision.  I wasted a lot of time with negative energy and didn’t feel particularly happy or energetic.  Deciding to learn a martial art was a great decision.  If I look back and apply all of the questions I’ve just outlined, I can clearly respond “yes!” to each.

Just because an opportunity presents itself, it does not mean it is the right decision for you.  If it is not, you have the opportunity to negotiate. If it is a job decision or a contract, a family issue or a personal goal, and it doesn’t feel “right,”then what needs to be done or how can you reconfigure it to feel “right?” Are there additional terms you can add or some you can delete? Can you narrow the scope or increase the flexibility? You won’t be happy if you accept an opportunity if you don’t make it exactly right for you.  If you can’t? Move on.  Another opportunity will come your way.  Understanding decision-making is a powerful key to your personal success.

Sure, I’m a superwoman, of sorts, but there is no big fat “S” on the back of my cape.  I don’t have a catsuit or a fancy car that does tricks.  I cannot go back in time through a time machine.  Looking at me you would never know it, but I have what it takes, inside and out, to be a powerful force.  I know that if I don’t take advantage of it, or don’t put it to good use, it will go away.  That is the thing about power.  It grows like a wind, quiet to strong, but without warning it can just stop and it is over.  I’m no dummy.  I’m not going to let that happen and I hope you won’t, either.

From where did I harness this great power?  The same place from where you can gather yours.  Inside.  I took all my difficult life experiences, burdensome obstacles, and tricky situations and rolled them up.  As they rolled away, all the junk fell off and fresh insight, new dreams, and a greater vision developed.  Once you rid yourself of self-doubt, you are on your way to your powerful purpose.  With that kind of momentum, nothing can stop you from finding your power. The superhuman cape is hanging in your closet.

If I had not learned a martial art, I probably would be still searching for my empowerment.  I would still be wondering what I was put on this earth to do.  One day, fairly recently, I sat down and asked myself what I felt called to do.  Resoundingly, I heard a message to take my martial art and show others how it has influenced and molded me into who I am in order to remind others how powerful they are, if they only dig deeper.

Stop massaging the surface and look beneath to your true desires and meaning.  That’s where personal power grows.

Look, it’s simple, really.  You’ve got to strive.  Complacency will keep you stagnant, where you are.  Have you ever seen an older person who stopped changing his wardrobe years ago?  He still wears the same shirts that have hung in his closet all these years.  Time stopped. He was unable to move forward, unable to adapt because he wanted more than anything to stay the same.  You can’t stay the same if you want to live a powerful life.  Don’t let time stop.  Don’t settle and think you’re not able to do more or be more.  No matter your age or lot in life, you have the great potential to make each day count. 

Can you imagine if you and I could share our positive power?  Would not the world be better for it? Could we make powerful change, be proactive, be a force against negativity and evil?  I know it’s a big request, but think about it.  The truth is that you and I have all the power we could ever need, we just need to proclaim it.

Tonight I taught a few karate classes.  As I looked around at the students, from youngest to oldest, I saw proof of patience, practice, and potential. I cannot deny the power that exists when all of these elements come together. The power envelopes me.  I feel it as naturally as I feel the air around me.

Whatever your goals, aspirations, or desires, you can achieve them. Now that I’ve given you some direction, maybe you can start now, today, to face your challenges head on, try your best, turn your failures into success, and possess your true and practical power.  You and I have similar philosophies.  We know that if we push through the boundaries we will be stronger for it. We want to Win at Life but know that it takes effort and commitment.

Powerful choices, powerful decisions, and powerful patience yields powerful results.

I’m a powerful woman and I’m proud of it.


I can’t say enough good things about this article. Across the decades, I have taught thousands of girls and women, and I wish I could have given a print out of this article to each and every one of my female – and male – students, right from the beginning. For me, Andrea’s message is that important.

I strongly encourage readers to visit THE MARTIAL ARTS WOMAN . And please visit it often. Her writing has such a great personal touch to it.

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