Saturday, 11 July 2015

Quiz #2

eaders had some real fun with the first quiz I posted a while ago QUIZ  and QUIZ ANSWERS so let’s have another go at it, this time using a format that had me quite excited about academics back in high school – multiple choice.

And instead of having to return days later to see a list of correct answers ( in high school math, all the answers, thankfully, were printed at the back of the textbook), I’m going to slip the answers in at the bottom of the post.

So, let us begin –

1.  The primary stance of the Kata Sanchin a. kibadachi b. sanchin; c. neko ashi dachi; d. zenkutsu dachi

2.  A mook jong is a. branch of Southern Praying Mantis; b. wooden dummy apparatus; c.  a branch of White Crane Kung Fu; d. large heavy rings worn on the forearms to build strength

3.  Ginga is a. the foundation footwork of Brazilian Capoeira; b. a type of knife used in Indonesian martial arts; c. “energy” in Tai Chi training; d. a training hall in Indian Kalaripyattu

4.  The concept of Uchikomi (repetition training in Judo) is borrowed from what other martial art? a. Karate; b. Ninjitsu c. Kendo; d. Sumo

Kathy Long
5.  Kosho Shorei-Ryu Kenpo was founded by a. James Mitose; b. Gichin Funakoshi; c. Morihei Ueshiba; d. Gogen Yamaguchi

6.  What was Gogen Yamaguchi’s nickname? a. the tiger; b. the lion; c. the dragon; 4. the cat

7.   The author of the Book of Five Rings a. Miyamoto Musashi; b.Jigiro Kano; 3. Basho 4. Lao Tze

8.   The saying - Retain what comes in, send off what retreats. Rush in on loss of hand contact  - comes from what martial art? a. Pak Mei; b. Wing Chun; c. Tan Tui; d. Cha Kuen

9.   Which of these masters was not involved in Shotokan Karate? a. Hidetaka Nishiyama b. Mas Oyama c. Masatoshi Nakayama d. Teruyuki Okazaki

10.  In Kali stick fighting, medium range is referred to as a. serrada  b. punta  c. corto mano d. medio mano

Cornish Wrestling
11.  Sabot was the foundation word for which martial art? a. Cambodian Bokador; b. Korean Hapkido; c. Thailand’s Muay Thai; d. France’s Savate

12.  The system called Defendo was created by Bill Underwood in what country? a. Canada; b. Australia; c. United States; d. England

13. The term Vale Tudo from Brazil means a. Jiu Jitsu; b. anything goes; c. astyle of Capoeira; d.  kickboxing

14.  Bajan Stick Lickin’ from the Bahamas has its origins in a. South America; b. Africa; c. Central America; d. Europe

15.  To win in Cornish Wrestling, you need to score a. a stickler; b. an ippon; c. a back; d. a waza-ari

Anton Geesink
16.  The word Shaolin translated means a. holy mountain; b. martially valued mountain; c. golden temple; d. young forest

17.  Judo great Anton Geesink represented  a. France;  b. Belgium; c. Switzerland; d. Netherlands

18. Kathy Long is a Five Time Champion in a. Taekwondo; b. Judo; c.Kickboxing; d. Jiu Jitsu

 19.  Wong Fei Hung was a master in a. Bajiquan; b. Hung Gar; c. Choy Li Fut; d. Eagle Claw

20.  A female student senior to you 1. si hing; 2. si jo; 3. si je; 4. si mui

OK…just like the back of my old high school math book, here are the answers –

1.   b
2.   b
3.   a
4.   c
5.   a
6.   d
7.   a
8.   b
9.   b
10  d.
11.  d
12.  a
13.  b
14.  b
15.  c
16.  d
17.  d
18.  c
19.  b
20.  c

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