Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Warrior Wannabe

I don’t know everything about what it means to be a warrior, really.  I know it has to do with cultivating tradition, honor, respect, and discipline. You probably have your own vision of a warrior, depending on your upbringing, the movies you have seen, your training, or literacy in the martial arts. The important thing about the warrior is not so much how he looked or what he did; rather, it is his attributes, traditional values, honor and self-discipline.  No wonder I look at the warrior with awe.  That’s a big list of traits that I don’t have tucked away in my back pocket just yet.

I’m not a historian or a researcher and this post is not about a specific type of warrior. Many others know a lot more about being a warrior than I do.  I enjoy equating martial art and warrior concepts to life. It brings to light how far off the mark I am in my  daily trek.

You and I make decisions every single day.  What to wear. How to drive. What to say. When to smile. Who we like.  Where we are going. What we want. How we feel.  It is almost mundane to make these decisions, day in, day out.  Why, then, can we not make the good decisions about how to treat each other or behave properly?  Why does respect fly out the window when we have something to say? I see it constantly in social media.  While a lot of good happens there, I must say I’m a little angered when I see others choose discouraging and judgmental language over uplifting, powerful, and positive messages.  I’m going out on a limb to say this, but, I want to choose the high road, the road less traveled, the warrior road, and I ask you to join me.

Do you wonder if you could ever be considered a warrior; brave, courageous, and willful?  My own answer became abundantly clear when I  re-phrased the question to make it relevant to my life:  What I would do to save myself, my own children, or those I love?

Admittedly, the quickness of the answer surprised me:   Anything.  I would do anything.

This is the unrecognized warrior’s guidance that sits deeply within me.  I am ready and willing to defend that which I love and nothing will ever change that. It’s not a choice or a decision, it just is.

Female warriors  exist today and work right along side their male warrior counterparts.  They are martial artists, police officers, fire fighters, military personnel, and mothers.  Each of these women is ready to battle on a moment’s notice.  They  are ready to protect, honor, and serve, no matter what.  Knowing that I am edging toward my role as a warrior, their attributes need to become mine.

When you focus only on yourself, but lack self-discipline and respect for others, you are missing the factors that lead to  the warrior way.  Success in society relies on less negativity, and less arguing about personal opinions and critical judgments. Sharing your opinions, explaining your thoughts, and revealing your ambitions are great, but don’t confuse any of that with how everyone should feel or think.  You need to face it.  Human nature, at times, works against you, until you fix it.

There’s more to being a warrior than  seeking super-strong positive attributes.  The warrior spirit breaks down in society because not everyone puts forth the effort to excel or strive for personal excellence.  Some are happy with complacency.  I warn against complacency because I believe it compromises every inch of warrior spirit that you have. Each person must strive for excellence and seek his potential.  Anything less is a personal disservice, a stifling of the intricate martial art spirit that should flourish.

I’m not exempt from lack of motivation and direction.  I waited a very long time in my life before I figured out how to apply myself and pursue a strong and passionate personal mission, including inspiring others through my martial art mindset and blog.  I strive to be productive and successful myself, while at the same time supporting the endeavors of others.  Sometimes I over-commit; yet, I find the results to be worthwhile.  I’m fighting, in a very loose definition of the word, to cultivate a warrior spirit for us all.

Martial artist or not, when you strive to implement any warrior attributes to your life, you are rising above the ordinary. You will stand out as a dedicated and committed individual who shares knowledge and wisdom  in order to create a  positive energy.   You have a great opportunity to create your own traditions and your own heritage using a warrior spirit as a guide.  Today is as good a day as any other to indulge in a positive and rewarding renewal of self.  Maybe it is the desire to lose weight, to be a nicer person, to pursue your passion, or to make some positive change that has been lingering in the back of your mind. If you seek any of these changes, then you must take the steps to rise above and push complacency aside.

As a martial artist, I am a role model to many, whether I intend to be or not.  Little kids look up to my black belt and ask if I’m a master.  Women my age assume I’m “empowered.”  Men  find the juxtaposition of femininity and power intriguing. Mostly everyone enjoys the persona which singles out my responsibility as a martial artist to you.

Like me, maybe you are hesitant to move ahead in your journey and wonder,  “can I live up to that?”  You wonder if the responsibility is too big to carry.

You can and you will.  Your road to warrior status starts today.  There is no beginning or end, it just flows.

I don’t know much about being a warrior, but I’m ready to loosely apply the attributes of the warrior, such as tradition, honor, respect, and discipline, to my own life.  It’s your turn, too.  You and I not only deserve, but must choose, this road.  The specifics of how, when, and why to be a warrior are yours to prioritize.  The overall concept, however, cannot be compromised.
While you are making your choice about how to be a warrior-inspired person, I’m going to see what else I can find out about the warrior in me.  I need to practice not just my martial art, but what I preach, and I have a feeling I still have a long, long way to go.

There is one thing I know for sure. I want to be a warrior.


A great motivational article. Thank you, Andrea! I’m willing to bet that as an instructor, Andrea must surely be changing the lives of her students for the better.

I strongly encourage readers to visit THE MARTIAL ARTS WOMAN . And please visit it often. Her writing has such a great personal touch to it.
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