Friday, 17 September 2021

We’re back! Yes, for real. No nonsense. The blog is active again.
As many folks have been doing lately, I’ve switched a lot of my classes online. My students have taught me tons of things over the past year and a half of COVID restraints. They taught me that teaching (and sharing, which is what teaching actually comes down to), embodies many forms: on site in an enclosed space or out in a park; online through a Zoom class or archival footage; a phone call; a chance encounter with an old student at a Starbucks. Plus the written word.
I can share with people physically on site. I can share with people via an online class. But I can also share through this blog.
Remember when I used to post a new article every day. My daughter said: “Get a grip on yourself. You’ve got a problem.”
So please allow me to ease back a bit.
Also, please contact me at any time via the button above if you have any topics that you would like to see covered. As I say to my online folks…we’re a community. Your ideas will help develop and enhance this blog.
So stay tuned. We’re back and ready to further explore the amazing world of the martial arts.

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