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The universal post position has got to be one of the most important postures in martial arts – and if you haven’t tried it, please, I’m begging you, give it a go. Even if you’re in Taekwondo, or boxing, or Cornish wrestling, let the universal post position play as an energizer for you. And if you’ve danced with the Irish whiskey on a good Saturday eve, the universal post position will keep you from harm as you hold onto the lamp post out in front of the pub waiting for the taxi to arrive.

The universal post is the energizer bunny calmed down but still working the gas pedal. Coincidentally, it also serves to calm, strange as it sounds…energy and calm. Not like those canned drinks that make your heart hallucinate.

I’ll get into the nitty gritty in the next post. Sincerely so, because I also want to show you that you are doing the same position in Karate, etc. as well. That’s going to take some convincing, but I’ll try.

I’ve done the universal post lying down, though not after a dance with the Irish whiskey. It’s great in bed as a way of balancing energy flow. Super cool, how you can feel the stuff we call chi connect like a river from head down to the big toe.

But I’ve never played the universal post as sweetly as the gentleman in this video does. Give it a quick look. As I said, we’ll talk plenty about the universal post in the next post, forgive the pun.

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